Ms. Michiko Oto

The fourth time participation in World Masters Games with her teammate who is participating for the first time.

Her impressions from participating in World Masters Games 2017 Auckland

“This is my fourth participation in the World Masters Games with this WMG2017 Auckland. The WMG is the Game which we can spectate and cheering for other competitions, not only participating in our own competition. In addition, we can also enjoy sightseeing, encounters and extraordinary experiences such as performances of the opening ceremony and participating in parties.” Ms. Michiko Oto said. She also participates in tournaments held in Japan, while she is looking forward to participating in the WMG. In this WMG2017 Auckland, she has participated in swimming with her team-mate, who is the first-time participant in the WMG. She said that her best memory of the Games was to win the relay with same team members, along with participating in the Games.
She also said, “Regarding swimming competition, I am enjoying interactions at convocation places with the thought that I swim happily, although it is a race with time. Also, thank you to volunteers who makes great environment for us, so we can swim very comfortably.”
And she enjoyed plenty of extraordinary events such as wonderfully directed Opening Ceremony, participating to the Fun party, what if she is participating in the Olympic Games. Moreover, her team mates who participated for the first time was very pleased and said, “It was the first time for me to experience such a fun competition, with sense of belongingness created by people to have same backpacks or ID card all over the city, also unlike Japan we could go see other competitions and cheer for other competitors.

The enthusiasm for World Masters Games 2021 Kansai

Ms.Oto, who participated in the World Masters Games since the Edmonton Games held in 2005, wishes that “I hope many participants gathers not only from overseas but also from Japan for this opportunity.” Since the next WMG 2021 will be held in Kansai region which is her hometown.
Some of Ms. Oto’s friends say that “I was giving up on participating competitions held in overseas because of my age. Therefore, I am looking forward to participating in Kansai WMG, so I want to keep myself healthy until then.
Ms. Oto herself also talked about her enthusiasm for WMG2021 Kansai, “I believe it is possible to increase the number of days and sports to participate in the competition. Of course, we can also participate in relays by team up with many people. If I can get a transportation pass, I would like to visit other venues. Then, I would also like to volunteer as well. And, above all, I’d love to participate in the closing ceremony which I have not been able to participate due to the number of days I could stay. Please let me have a great fun in WMG2021 Kansai.”