Shunji Akiyama

Reaching the top of the world. The first time to participate in the World Masters Games.

His impressions participated in World Masters Games 2017 Auckland

Shunji Akiyama has participated in the World Masters Athletics Champions for three times in the past: Sacramento, Porto Alegre, and the Perth. The Auckland games, that took place in 2017, was the first time to participate in the World Masters Games.
His age, 55, picked him to participate in the games. He challenged himself in the Auckland games with an enthusiasm, “I would reach the top of the world in M55 (ages between 55~59), since I have an advantage in this category.”
Mr. Akiyama, who participated in the track and field, won gold medals in 3 events: 200m and 400m (both M55 rank), and 1600m relay which he participated as a member of team JAPAN. His dream came true.
“The scale of WMG was much larger than I expected,” says Mr. Akiyama. The splendid direction and the pomposity of the opening and closing ceremony reminded him of the Olympics. Moreover, he was very surprised that the participants of the WMG and the city of Auckland was in great bustle.
Participating in the spectacular games and achieving his goal to be standing on “the top of the world” became Mr. Akiyama’s one of his unforgettable memories.

The enthusiasm for World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI

The Auckland games has closed its curtains. The next games will be held in the Kansai region of Japan. Mr. Akiyama anticipates the first World Masters Games to be hosted in Japan as he would be able to meet again with the fellow participants that he associated himself from all over the world.
“4 years from now I will be the eldest, at the age of 59, in the rank of M55 of the Masters. I know it’s a big challenge for me but I would like to work hard in interacting with people which will be one my biggest themes” Mr. Akiyama speaks his enthusiasm for the WMG 2021 Kansai.