Mr. Yoshiaki Miura

I stopped being a perfectionist and a new world appeared

What was your first experience with WMG that you entered as a triathlete?

Actually, my ribs were broken just before the tournament, so my physical condition was not good, and I was in my worst overall condition. I managed to score a goal while being attacked by the feeling that I was losing power during the competition.
I had a difficult time with swimming, which was very painful, but I did a good job with my favorite bike. It is also a good memory that I was able to compete with Michael Torys who was active as a professional on a bike. This was the first time I learned that I could find my strength even in the worst possible situation.
Until then, I had been a perfectionist, always wanting to be at the top. However, I realized the importance of continuing sports over a long period of time.

How did that change come about ?

In retrospect, the challenge to reach the top began in junior high school. At that time, I was absorbed in classical guitar and had won the national competition. Even in bike racing, which I began when I was 19 years old, I had a past reigning as an amateur domestic champion.

Taking the top was a natural goal for me. However, many injuries come from the pressure and stoicness that go hand-in-hand with high goals. The more you aim for medals, the more injuries you have. I felt that I couldn't continue to do sports as it was, as my records gradually dropped with age.

I now want to continue playing sports even when I am over 100 years old. While taking a good rest, I am shifting to a style that will allow me to do my best.

What drives you now, instead of the goal of top ?

A warm time in a homestay
A warm time in a homestay
One is the bond with the friends I’ve made through participating in international competitions. A Korean friend who calls me “Aniki” became like a family member after staying in each other’s homes whenever a competition was happening in either of our countries.
I also like traveling to places I haven't seen yet. The pleasure of tasting the food culture of each country and viewing the scenery of traveling by rail is indispensable.
When considering international competitions, I will give priority to places I have never been to. Since WMG changes its location every time, it's one more fun point.

Tell us about the appeal of enjoying the international competition and the sport itself.

Speeding for a medal and won medals in two categories at ASIA PACIFIS MASTERS GAMES PENANG 2018. Me nd my medal with my granddaughter after coming back to Japan
Speeding for a medal and won medals in two categories at ASIA PACIFIS MASTERS GAMES PENANG 2018. Me nd my medal with my granddaughter after coming back to Japan
As an issue of an aging society, the independence of the elderly is often talked about, but lifelong sports will be a clue to support independence in both mind and body.

My eldest daughter is a triathlete with two children. In 2047 when my first grandson is 30, I will be 79 years old. If I can continue the competition for a long time, my dream of three generations participating in WMG could come true.

I feel that my job is to convey that lifelong sports are fun and teach this to future generations.

I also want to convey the importance of breaking my country's shell and going outside. The information you see in the press is biased and does not help you understand the country.

I hope many people will enjoy the world with their own eyes and enjoy it through sports.