Ms. Rieko Wakimura

The enthusiasm for table tennis. She challenged the international competition with her favorite table tennis.

Impressions after participated in the Auckland Games

Ms. Rieko Wakimura participated in table tennis (singles) within age category of 60 in the WMG 2017 Auckland. She had never participated International competition before. Also, since there were no Japanese participants around her, she felt anxious at first.

Furthermore, Ms. Wakimura’s English ability was the level that she could understand only basic words, so she was not confident in English. In addition, because Participants had no names or number bibs, she said that she had a hard time to memorize the players who she played against. “It is a good memory now.” said Ms. Wakimura, she laughed embarrassedly and taught us that she took a memo about characteristics of players along with the name of the other participant in the blank space of the recording paper.

Before participating, she was really nervous about an international competition. However, the game was gathered on designated platforms and each qualifying games were played, etc. As it was a way of games familiar to her, she was able to calm down and play the game.

And Ms. Wakimura who went on steadily advanced to the final match. In the final match against the player who is a chopper, and she obtained come-from-behind winning. She got a gold medal at the first international competition – World Masters Games. Although it was sometimes unfamiliar, it was a wonderful experience for Ms. Wakimura to challenge the international competition and win the championship.

The enthusiasm for World Masters Games 2021 KANSAI

Ms. Wakimura started table tennis at junior high school and even now, she still love table tennis and she plays tennis weekly without fail. She is also the owner coach of the “HPC West NAMBA Table Tennis Center” located in Osaka City. There, various table tennis classes are held, and there are 19 members in the class every Wednesday. After practicing for about two hours, they always have lunch together and talk about their favorite table tennis conversation. Everyone in the Wednesday’s table tennis class is so friendly, and they say about World Masters Games that Ms. Wakimura also participated, “we will continue to play table tennis with the goal of participating in the WMG 2021 KANSAI in 4 years!”

“Table tennis is a competition that can be started at any age, and both beginners and advanced players can enjoy it. The fact that there is an international competition in the Kansai region is a big chance in terms of easy participation. I hope that more people will start table tennis because of the Kansai Games.” That is how she talked about enthusiasm for the Kansai Games.