Entry Period

Saturday, 1st February, 2020 10:00AM (JST)
Monday, 28th February, 2022 11:59PM (JST)

* However, from Monday, 1st March until entries reopen on Thursday, 13th May, 2021 (planned), it is not possible to make a new entry or change the information which you input when you made an entry.
When detailed date and time for reopening entry are decided, we will inform you on our website.

Apply for Participation

For those who participating in the Games

We have updated the Sports Information Guide based on the Games' new dates (Friday, 13th to Sunday, 29th May, 2022).
Information on some sports and disciplines are being revised, so the Guide is based on the condition that the games were held in May, 2021, for your reference. When we finished updating, we will inform you.
Competition of each sport and discipline will be held from Saturday, 14th to Sunday, 29th May, 2022. For sports and discipline which the Sports Information Guide is updated, please also check the competition schedule, etc. stated on the Guide.
In addition, since we are in the process of arranging venues for Games check-in, etc. followed by rescheduling of the Games dates, we have not finished revising some description in the Participation Terms and Conditions, HP and the Entry System, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "regulations, etc."), at this point. Please note that after we finished the arrangement, we will revise the regulations, etc.

If you still wish to participate in the Games, there is no procedure you need to follow. The management side is going to secure the spot for you, so, please check your entry information on my page, which will be available when we reopened entry on Thursday, 13th May, 2021 (planned) (*).
If you wish to cancel your participation, it is possible to cancel by yourself on the Entry System until Monday, 22nd March, 2021, 9:30AM (JST) (The full amount minus the 5% processing fee will be refunded, which is the same condition as before)
It is also possible to confirm your entry information and cancel by yourself on my page, which will be available when we reopened entry on Thursday, 13th May, 2021 (planned) (*). (With the same processing fee)
We will suspend new entries until we reopen entry on Thursday, 13th, May (planned) (*), in order to guarantee the spots for those who have already applied for the competition. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.
  • *It may not be able to reopen entries (to make a new entry, to change information that you input when you made an entry or to make a cancellation) on Thursday, 13th May (planned) for sports and disciplines which the Sports Information Guide is being revised as of 1st March. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding. Please be assured that once entries are reopen, you can check your entry information or make a cancellation as before.
【Schedule】(Dates and times are as of Japan time)
<Monday, 1st March - Monday, 22nd March, 2021, 9:30AM>
  • ・New entries and making changes to your entry information are suspended. (It is possible to cancel or browse my page)
<Monday, 22nd March 2:00PM – Wednesday, 21st April, 2021, 9:30AM>
  • ・New entries, making changes to your entry information and cancellation are suspended. (It is only possible to browse my page)
<Wednesday, 21st April, 9:30AM ->
  • ・All Entry System is suspended. (You cannot browse my page, either.)
<Thursday, 13th May, 2021 (planned)>
  • ・Entries reopen. (Entry System is fully functioning.)
  • ・Inform you the status of secured spots (Detail may be confirmed on my page.)
Important Cautions of entries
  • ・Following are examples of Sports/Disciplines/Events of the Games.
Ex) Badminton
  Sport Discipline Event
Individual competition participants Badminton Badminton Men's and women's singles(individual matches)
Team competition participants Men's and women's doubles(individual matches)
Mixed doubles(individual matches)
Team competition

You must create a team or join to the team which you were invited to, in entry system.

  • ・Competitors are eligible to compete in up to five of the 59 disciplines with the base fee. Please note that we will count by the number of disciplines, not by the number of the Sports.
  • ・Competition participants(Athletes) will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis for each event will be closed when the capacity is reached.
  • ・Some competition types cannot be entered from the Non-Playing Officials(supervisor, coach, etc.) column. In that case, please make an entry from the supporters (family, friends, etc.) column.
    You can participate as a Non-Playing Officials by registering for the competition with the Athletes and reporting to that effect.
  • ・Please check the Participation Terms and Conditions, and the Sports Information Guide, before applying for participation.There's a possibility that contents may be modified, please check the latest version.
  • ・Those who participate in a plurality of disciplines must check that the disciplines are not overlapped in their start time and there is enough time for preparation and participation (including travel time between venues) before applying for participation.
  • ・Since there might be restrictions on the event you can select depending on the discipline, please carefully read the notes displayed on the entry system and “Sports Information Guide” of your participating discipline, when applying for participation.
  • ・Transport passes(original KANSAI ONE PASS, original JR Kansai Wide Area Pass) will be delivered to Center Village’s or Masters Village’s Games Check-in if you have applied in advance. ※ Please note that if you purchase a similar transportation pass, the services will overlap.
  • ・When Original JR Kansai Wide Area Pass is used in the Tokushima area, the users must complete procedure at the Masters Village Tokushima. Once the procedure has been completed, JR within the Tokushima area will provide the Original JR Pass (Tokushima area) which allows free ride for 5 consecutive days (except some segments and trains, etc.)

Entry schedule

About entries when the recruitment limit is reached

If you wish to participate in an discipline (event) that has reached the maximum number of entries, you can enter in the following cases.

1.When space becomes available due to cancellation
The grayout of the applicable event will be canceled on the entry system and it will be selectable. Please check the entry system as needed.


2.When increasing the number of recruitment events


3.When the number of recruitment of competition events does not increase, but the number of quotas for each category is changed


■When registering a waiting list from 2 and 3
By registering on the waiting list, the registrant will be notified by e-mail, and will be given priority entry 5 days before the general recruitment.
(The waiting list does not correspond to all disciplines (events).)

* Registration for waiting list is currently suspended. It will be available again when entries reopened in middle of May.

■When not registering a waiting list from 2 and 3
Registration is not required, but will be announced on our website and SNS about three days before the start of recruitment.

Tutorial video

You can see in the video for each main procedures and operation procedures of the entry system.

Tutorial Video 1「Registration・
Entry edition」

The procedure of the registration and entry (application) procedure is described.
When you get lost while using the system, please watch this video.

Tutorial Video 2「Creating Team edition」

The Procedures of how to enter (apply) as a team are provided.
When you get lost while using the system, please watch this video.

Tutorial Video 3「My Page edition」

Information on the competition・how to confirm the results of the Games and the procedure for modifying information after the entry is completed, are provided.
When you get lost while using the system, please watch this video.

FAQ about application

You can modify information from My Page of the Games entry site.

Games entry site.
【Until the end of February, 2022】
Full amount (except 5% of total amount as a service charge) will be refunded.
【After March 1, 2022】
As stated in the cancellation policy, there wil be no refund for cancellation made after March 1, 2022.