2020/10/28[Updated 28 October, 2020]About waiting list

What is the waiting list?

Waiting List is the list which will be utilized as a reference for grasp the number of participants willing to register for the Games after reaching the upper limit and recruiting additional participants, when upper limit of Disciplines (Events) has been reached on the entry system (when the selection column of the event becomes gray out due to reaching the competition capacity).
If you wish to participate in a discipline (event) which has reached the upper limit of the competition capacity, we encourage you to register to the waiting list. When organiser reviews the upper limit and decided to recruit additional participants, the waiting list registrant will be preferentially notified by e-mail before the general announcement.

How to register

If you wish to register for the waiting list, please send an e-mail to the address you wish to register for the waiting list with following information:
1.full name
4.desired discipline to participate
5.desired age category of birth and age.

In addition to 1 to 6, it may be necessary to send necessary information for the entry to the competition, depending on the discipline.
If you desire to participate group (team) events, please register only the team representative.


※Waiting list does not guarantee the additional recruitment to be implemented.
※Please note that the entry by additional recruitment is based on a first-come, first-served basis from among waiting list registrants and does not guarantee the entry. In the event when organiser reviews the upper limit and decided to recruit additional participants, we will inform all at once to all waiting list registrants that the recruitment have resumed.
※For the first 5 days after the recruitment has been resumed, only waiting list registrants are able to register, and a waiting list code (6 digits), which is sent by email to the registrants, is required at the time of registration.
※there might be a chance of finding openings where the recruitment frame have become vacant due to cancellation, etc.
※Registration in Events which have not reached the upper limit of the competition capacity is invalid. Please check the list of the application status of the waiting list before you register.
※When the recruitment frame have reached the upper limit, we will try to post relevant events and e-mail address as promptly as possible, however it may take few days or hours to be posted. Thank you for your understandings in advance.

Waiting List

We are currently accepting registrations for archery (outdoor),archery (indoor), Baseball(Rubber ball baseball) ,Basketball,Rugby football(Rugby football),Swimming(Open water),Tug-of-war, waiting lists.