2020/4/28“#StayActive” project started!


The organising committee of the World Masters Games (WMG) 2021 Kansai is starting the “#StayActive” project on Tuesday, 21st April 2020 and we want you to share your experience by posting your videos on SNS.

Currently, many people around the world are instructed to stay at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The “#StayActive” project is a project to share videos featuring training, sports, fun activities, etc., which everyone around the world can try at home in order to stay healthy and keep fit in this situation.
The video you posted with “#StayActive” and “#wmg2021” will be put up on our official website from 14th May 2020. Everyone is welcome to join the project whether you are planning to participate in WMG 2021 Kansai or not. Please join the project by posting your video by following the steps below.


“#StayActive” project

How to join

Follow The organising committee of the WMG 2021 Kansai’s official social media
○Twitter (@wmg2021kansai)
○Instagram (@wmg2021_kansai)

Film yourself or your family members doing training, sports or activities by using a smartphone etc. (approx. 15 – 60 seconds long)

Post the video to your SNS account with the following hashtags.
① Our competition hashtag: #wmg2021
② Project hashtag: #StayActive

How it is going to be released

We will put up the videos with the hashtags above on our official website from 14th May to 30th June 2020 (This may be extended).

Notes on joining the project

・As you finish posting the video, it shall be deemed that you have accepted the notes on joining the project.
・Always ensure safety on filming the video. Also, please select an activity according to your health condition and abilities in order to not strain yourself too much.
・The video you are posting must not contain any content that infringes rights of third parties, as well as induces, provokes or expresses pornography, obscenity, vulgarity, blasphemy, hatred, prejudice, racism, imitation, or unjust violence.
・The organising committee of the WMG 2021 Kansai will not put up content to our website that is considered inappropriate or not in line with the project.
・When the video you are posting contains image rights, intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties, always obtain the right holder’s consent in advance. The organising committee of the WMG 2021 Kansai does not take any responsibility if any damage is caused to the contributor regarding this matter.
・The organising committee of the WMG 2021 Kansai does not take any responsibility for injuries, accidents, and other damages and troubles that has occurred to the participants or a third party.
・All expenses for joining the project shall be burdened by the participants.
・The organising committee of the WMG 2021 Kansai shall be able to use the posted videos on our website, social media, etc. free of charge.
・The contents of this project is subject to change without notice. Additionally, this project may be terminated without notice due to unavoidable circumstances such as a problem arising with the service provided by each social media host or other unexpected circumstances.