Solo training at “Nara Palace Site Historical Park”, surrounded by nature! <Part 1> Daigokuden (Imperial Audience Hall) Will I find it!?Searching for the phantom fall -River trekking & hot spring in Urarokko- Sneaking into the “great base of table tennis” in the underground passage of Kobe station! - Do you know the “Metro Table tennis” located underground? - Great place for Table tennis lovers for social interaction! Table tennis bar from Kobe, “BIG WAVE”

[Notification] The status of the second postponement of World Masters Games 2021 Kansai and the refund policy of the registration fee

Regarding holding the World Masters Games 2021 Kansai, we unfortunately have to make a decision to postpone the Games again. The new dates are being discussed with the International Masters Games Association (IMGA).
We would like to inform the status of discussion with IMGA and refund policy. Please see the following URL.

24th November 2021
The Organising Committee of World Masters Games 2021 Kansai

[Important notice] Please update your log-in ID (e-mail address)

We see that many people are unable to receive Games information and more sent by the e-mail through the entry system since there is no e-mail address registered as a log-in ID due to cancelation of the mobile phone or expiration of the e-mail address.
For those people, please update your e-mail address to the one you are currently using. Following instruction shows you how to change the e-mail address;

◯Click the "Click here for entry / confirm the registration status" from the page for Entry and you will be on the log-in screen of the entry system.
◯Please enter your registered e-mail address and password on the log-in screen and log in to the entry system. When you logged in, My page will be displayed.
1. Click “Registration status etc. > Registration status > (1) Confirmation of information > Confirm and / or change details” on My Page,
2. Click “Change” on the bottom of the next page.
3. Please fill in the new e-mail address and password and other required items in the “New log-in ID” column.
4. The details of the modified account information will be displayed, therefore please check that there are no wrong input. Please click "Set" if there are no wrong input.
5. When “Information has been updated” sign appeared on your browser, modification of the e-mail address (log-in ID) are completed.


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